walkies and neato toys!

Wonderfully cool and brisk out this morning… maybe the driest air I’ve felt in an age. Got a little sun, I feel, too. It made the walk a pleasure, and had a pile of energy to have me wandering all over the place. The beach wasn’t terribly populated yet, although traffic was getting thick on the main drag. I can really feel my mind being sharpened every time I head out and roam around, jotted down some story ideas, and my senses also seemed honed to a razor edge. Walking past a bagel shop, especially… clean scents of the sea, fresh bread, and some sort of blossom like honeysuckle filled the air, and I think the sunglasses helped to keep my eyes from squinting in the bright light. (They’re UV protected. can’t be too safe with the ol’ eyeballs). Most of the sounds were wind, the crash of the ocean, faint birds and vehicle noise… Not bad except for the motorcycles. Sort of cold, and I hope that it won’t hurt the orange crop. I’ve discovered that it’s time to get some new birks, as my slacker pair is wearing a hole under my left big toe. When I pick up the camera, I think I’ll go shoe-shopping, too. On arriving home, I medicated Newt, which he took pretty well. Almost done with the doses, thank goodness.

A Nifty thing –

At a recent high-tech fashion show, IBM gave a sneak peek at a matching set of silver earrings, necklace, watch, and ring that at first glance looks like ordinary jewelry. The set is actually a wearable cell phone.

Well, that’s pretty dang cool… Soon, we’ll accept people just talking to non-visible people as normal again.

I would dig a vga wrist-computer with text to speech soI can listen to livejournal, email and online news, or even better, speech to text so I can post from anywhere . Digital clothes are nifty! Once they come up with a more nifty display option than monitor glasses. link those to a net-ready thing, and watch out.

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