tmi alert, and nighty night

Things that make me happy, right this minute

  1. hot showers
  2. sitting indian-style
  3. good muscle fatigue
  4. Newtie snugs
  5. My sweetie telling me that I’m cute / adorable
  6. Besos
  7. spiritual speaks
  8. wind chimes
  9. new discoveries
  10. old confirmations
  11. red candles
  12. nag champa
  13. white noise
  14. snuggling under clean sheets with a nice book, and a loved one
  15. peace

Tomorrow is Naked Thursday.

Spend some time in your birthday suit. 🙂 I’m gonna be nekkid all day, if I can. No pictures. Not that kind of journal. You all know that. Just sharing the info.

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