no, it has nothing to do with eating meat. it's a people thing.

Next time you go to McDonalds – reflect on this.

$5.75 ain’t much. $5.75/hour X 40 hours/week X 52 weeks/year = $11,960. that’s before taxes are taken out. some people said it was disrespectful for me to take a job at mcdonalds — i didn’t need the money, and they thought that i was making fun of people that work there. the opposite is true: i gained a bucket of respect for people that bust their butt for such low pay. it’s one thing to scan past stats about americans that make $12,000 per year — or read about them in the paper. but, to actually work a tough fry-heaving, mcnugget-wielding 6-hour shift — and get home smelling like those fries and mcnuggets — and realize that you only made about $30 that day… that’s a serious eye-opener. interpret as you see fit.

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