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If you’re like most people, you often think, “Pumpkins aren’t airborne enough.” If you’re like these guys, you fix that by building trebuchets and other siege engines to get the job done. Then you compound the problem by writing poetry about it.

Mysteries that have baffled mankind for centuries have been solved by lego technology – well, “centuries,” assuming the Mesopotamians had Rubik’s Cubes. JP Brown’s CubeSolver sends the popular ’80s toy home cryin’ to mama. A robot made of lego that can do the cube. That’s the thing dreams are made of. I really admire his source code, too.. very clean, and in visual basic, no less. Color recognition software.. I’ve got some new ideas for newtcam (as of this posting, Newton looks like a vampire ready for the kill) thanks to this. (check out his other lego creations too.)

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