I feel her in my pulse. Wonderment.

Newtie was a good boy at work today, save for taking a nip at someone who static-shocked his little pink nose while he slept. Note to self, get treats off to sweetie. (Note to sweetie.. send off your treats, and check the box! 🙂 )

Good eats for supper… a pot of green tea, a package of oriental flavor ramen, some peas with them little pearl onions, and the last of my frozen spinach.

Guess who’s going out to a showing of a particular 3 hour long fantasy movie (That doesn’t star Tom Bombadil, or his sweet lady Goldberry), tomorrow?

If you guessed Scotto, You’re Right!

It’s evil and insidious. It’s corrupting our youth. It’s making a mockery of family-friendly sports. It’s “skate porn“, and the Olympics are banning it. Geez-o-pete, some people need lives, or hobbies, or just legitimate causes to worry about. Isn’t there a war on somewhere, or a recession, or a political official choking on a pretzel or something, we’re getting bent about this?

Time for me to curl up, and nestle in, and get some rest.

Go Faeries!!

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guest haiku –

After the fog lifts,
A naked beauty: blue sky
With buttermilk clouds

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