Deleting… heads up.

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You know how we’ve never actually deleted accounts that are marked for deletion?

Well, we’re going to now. So if you have your account marked for deletion and it hasn’t changed state (deleted vs. visible) in the last 30 days, be warned…. it’s going away, along with all its content.

I wasn’t going to post this warning, but Evan said some people delete their accounts for purposes other than deleting their accounts. (whatever that is?)

But I guess this also means that in a few days all those usernames you’ve been wanting will be available to go snag. Go snag them if you intend to rename your journal to that, and then I suppose I’ll get the username rename thing back in service.

(The motivation for this, btw, is to make the huge change coming up in the next week or two go a bit quicker… we’re going to need to alter ~20 tables in the database, and the less data they have in them, the better.)

The actual deletion of users won’t happen for a few days. There won’t be another warning, though.

Also I can only hope that I’ll one day be this good at flash.

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