Day one of official Vacation!

Walkies went fine, little time to trim and tweak the pictures, but more will be forthcoming later upon my return.

I dreamed I saw myself shaving in the mirror last night, and I seem to remember being older. There was a fire-barrel outside, and I am sure I recall the strong scent of cedar wood burning. I was in a similar bathroom to my own, but I feel that it was more North.

Sitting tight now, watching the tube, waiting for Danny to get here. I expect he’ll be along in another 20 minutes or so. He’s running late, because he was up until 2am grading papers.

Following the war, Patton was questioned about the “push button bombs” and the technological advances made in weaponry. He declares adamantly that there is no glory, no heroes, and no cowards in that kind of battle. He expresses thanks that he wouldn’t live to see that kind of warfare. You know… we still haven’t gotten to that point yet, and I’m glad. A war is an awful enough thing without removing the last vestige of humanity from it.

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