bob ross has an afro and a posse'.

Bob Ross has a baby squirrel named peapod in his pocket today…

Watching him paint on PBS is very soothing. has a calm voice, and gentle demeanor. they’re showing him feeding a Peapod, wrapped in a towel. such a cool guy.

He’s the sort of guy that I could see hanging out near the beach, drawing a crowd of kids and their keepers, and just teaching there. so much patience and peace. Talking about a place he’s painting… making up a story, and forming an image in his mind… making up stories about the world, happy trees and little cabins with open windows (the builder having a toddy or two on the job, speaking with a smirk).

It makes me happy to know that folks like him exist. I can think of maybe a pair of folks I know in person like that… I wish that there were more, but I’m happy to have the ones I do.

bob ross has an afro and a posse'.

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