Ok…Sunday. A new week has begun. Blackie Maneki Nekos are the talismans against evil.Newtie neko! Red exorcises the evil spirits and illnesses.

Breakfast today: Warm Croissants with Strawberry Preserves, tea, orange juice and a small bowl of lucky charms. (I start on golden grahams tomorrow, for those of you keeping score)

Tenative plan for the week –

Monday, get together with Dan, Dave & Busters, Coffee, man of la mancha
Tuesday – general purpose: get a towel-bar, finish and send off treats in the mail, send off stories to magazine. Rollercoaster? Coral Castle?
Wednesday, Get together with Derek at about noonish, IMAX- antarctica riverwalk, museums, buy a bicycle?
Thursday, big trip to the keys? Disney? Maybe. cheap air/bus fares. will know more by tuesday.
Friday, Rest, slack time. (rent paying day) Perhaps go see monsters inc?
Saturday – Birthday! Ratdog is in concert at the ampitheatre… maybe open the windows, and tune in.

Walkies were not too shabby this morning…sun was high in the sky and the air was breezy. I went to the groves, but they don’t open until 9… so a-home I went. I’ve spent most of the last hour or two cat-wrestling and reading before breakfast.

These guys aren’t kidding about the best orange juice.. .crazy good. 🙂

macks groves

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