This is one of my favorite parts of the path I walk on around the airport… lots of shade trees, and low traffic in the morning, and it feels very peaceful. Sort of funny are the miniature roadsigns. I was (still am, to a lesser degree) in a silly mood, and had a nice meander around the air-park. There were a couple roller-mommies out there today. ladies on rollerblades, pushing strollers on bike-tire tripods for the kiddies to cruise in. Thos things are neat! I hope to get a picture of one soon. (they move at a good clip compared to my speed-walking… easier to see them coming… hard to stop one and ask permission though. I didn’t feel too bad aobut taking the guy’s picture below as it was a parting shot and not really the focal point. I’m going to have to start remembering sunglasses and the ball-cap for walkies again… the sun was strong today.

Work today is being a chore. Fortunately Dexter the puppy is here to make things more fun… pic of him when I get home. Duty calls, I have to make this Broward county data filter by 5. nothing like waiting until the last minute.

walkies on the bikepath by the airport

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