Hey neato! Snap Club! a place for folks to post little piccies here and there. very interesting to snoopy scotto.
Thanks to for pointing me to it. How neat!

Ok, back to some text.

Next Monday is officially Danny Day. We’re going to get together for breakfast, and just have fun tooling around for a bit. It will be my job to keep the spirits chipper, as he’s suffering from teacher burnout. I think a visit to Dave & Buster’s, and maybe a long conversation over coffee at Barnie’s is in order. Maybe some more wargaming. It’ll be a nice fun day to start the week off. I still don’t know which day little brother has off next week. I hope it’s not Monday.

Heh… there was a time when I would become actively engaged by the Dave Sim/Alan Moore debate, but now, it’s just sort of silly. fascinating reading from a nostalgic point of view, though. The sniping is sharp.

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