I dreamt that I was stabbed last night. Repeatedly, in the chest and slashed across the arms. I don’t remember it physically hurting, but I was pretty outraged that it was happening. I started yelling at the faceless person to stop, but they saw fit to continue. Looking down, I realised that there weren’t any wounds and calmed down immediately. I instead asked what the heck they thought they were doing… I got no reply, and I took away the knife. They were sat down like a small child, and I explained to them as simply and carefully as I could that what they were doing was bad and that it would normally hurt very much. I got the impression that they were very, very sorry and that they really had no idea that they were doing something awful.

Launched late for walkies today, but it’s a sleepy morning. I’m looking forward to getting a bike to work out with and maybe ride to and from work on occasion. I think that there’ll be quite a few beach and airport images in the near future. Helicopters were out this morning in a half-dozen candy colors, flying in formation like giant hummingbirds…. hovering and doing a large scale synch’ed ballet of movement. They’re doing work on the “haunted house”… hopefully it’ll still be freaky-creepy looking by the time the camera gets here. If not, there’s lots on los olas that’re imageworthy, along with the mall of the dead, and “count chocula’s house” up the road.

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