I dreamt that I was in an building, working on a new project, sharing an office with a few really nice folks. It was maybe a government place or a warehouse, as the walls were very industrial… long halls with metal doors stretching well off into the distance. The office lighting was nice and natural but once in the hallway the flourescent lights made things seem almost black and white, washed out and melancholy. We were all rolling as a unit, taking lunch at the same time, but returning to the work room was the respite we all wanted… posters on the walls, and real color. I recall that there were lots of fun recreational things to do in there, including the woodcarving element again. I started work on a toy elephant for someone very special to me… selecting paint, wood and sandpaper, pictures and a few strange things that I’m not sure that I’d need, like driftwood, beach glass, light bulbs, canned air… it was some sort of kit that had too many things, but had all the stuff I needed.

Walkies today really sharpened a few dream details in my mind. It was a wonderful feeling…there was a thick fog out, adding to the dreamy feel. So little traffic that it was like I was walking on a movie set, lots of stuff to reflect on. As the yellow face came out, the fog melted quickly and the heat rose rapidly, driving me to speed up a bit my wandering back to a more comfortable climate.

I don’t know why I don’t have MLK day off… I imagine the day will go gently, with only Canadian offices to deal with and the usual hubbub. We’ll see, I’m off to work in a a moment or three.

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