Thanks to for reminding me of this quote from Judge Dredd –

Robot: “Eat recycled food, for a happier, healthier life. Be kind and peaceful to each other, eat recycled food. Recycled food – it’s good for the environment, and ok for you.”

Also. Pepperoni is the nipple of the pizza species.

Wacky miss cleo soundboard prank call.

I’ve officially drained the pantry of all green veggies. Tomorrow, before work I must get more, or settle on delivery food and girl scout cookies and starch for supper. *Oh the horror*. I also want some ice cream.

The stoppage in my ear has lessened, but there’s still a hint of it there, just enough to qualify as pesky. I stood on my head, and it helped a bit, but between the blood rushing to my skull and Newton’s subsonic mind-control purrs and at the time upside-down nosie-nuzzles, it was only a partial victory.

My secret volcano base bites the dust… How can I be an evil supervillian if my Volcano Bases keep erupting?

Some more links that’re food for thought, creepy story seeds/ fodder for future UA2 contributions unusual, unsettling, weird or informative.

City older than Mohenjodaro unearthed
Cemetary Causes Erotic Nightmares
Ummo’s Daughters
Exorcism rites
Observatory could detect hidden dimensions
Police arrest priest for ‘sacrificing young boy’
Pre-Contact Hawaiian Gods
Explorer’s Notebook: The Riddle of Indonesia’s Ancient Statues
The Hanging Doll
Scared to death isn’t just an expression
modern ruins
Anatomy of a murder: A Trip Through Our Justice System
National Criminal Justice Reference Service

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