Outstanding sleeps last night. Sweet dreams, comfort in my little cocoon, pleasant thoughts. I got some very comfortable time in.

Went for walkies this morning, and it started getting a wee bit hot by the time I headed home. I got a phone call from the brother right as I was coming in (he hung up, but I dialed back… hooray for caller ID!) and we gabbed for a while, made some plans to get together during my vacation next week. As I type this, I’m playing fetch with a “barrel full of monkeys” monkey by throwing it and having Newt retrieve it. Perfect size for him to tote around. I’m going to hop into the shower shortly, and go to market to stock up again. I’m getting really excited about the coming time off… only 5 more working days to go.

I got one of the Christmas presents I sent off back in the mail today. The package looks like it went through the wringer and back…I guess it has been… I sent it overnight on 12/17, and it has little “attempted delivery” stamps on it from 12/19, 12/20, and 1/10. I suppose it’s my fault for not waiving the signature, but I don’t think it’d have fit in the PO box. I’ll just resend it off again when I lob some other goodies North. I’m just happy I wasn’t sending anything perishable. (I’d wager cookies’d have been crushed and stale.) Silly PO.

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