Well, I saw Fellowship.

Probably the best live fantasy movie I’ve ever seen. (Not saying a lot, if you consider Hawk the Slayer or Krull as examples of excellence in the genre).

It had some very good points going for it…fantastic sets (The Shire and Argonath, especially), great effects, and it does get the basic story across. I think that the hobbits were portrayed well, as were the humans and wizards. However… I do take some umbrage from a few things. The Elves were rather stick-up-the-butty. Gimli and his ilk were very flat, and poorly acted. Lots of mugging at the camera with oversized face shots, and the plot / character rewrites. Color me a purist if you want, but I don’t quite get why they amplified some roles and minimised and removed others. (aside from time constraints…and maybe to give Liv more screen-time. Elrond? I wonder what’s going to happen when Eowyn shows up next movie) Also, for some reason the world seemed dirtier, somehow. I didn’t get the darker vibe from the books, but don’t mind that interpretation. I missed Tom and Goldberry, but knew they weren’t going to be there,so I was ready for it. The guy they got to play Bilbo was a good choice, and not one I would’ve picked. I think he did a fine job. The forced perspective and cgi is really well done, too. (Size changes are quite clean, and seamless). Good acting on behalf of Gandalf and Frodo.

I may be getting older, but a 3-hour movie is loooong. I felt myself getting a little fidgety the last 30 minutes or so…I think the movie would’ve worked better as a mini-series, maybe 6 or 9 hours each book? Either-or, I’d have been more comfy watching in jammies, and with a pause-button handy.

Overall. I liked the movie, but felt a little unsatisfied. as far as movies in general go and one from a book, I’d give it a 6ish or so. for a fantasy movie, it’s an 8 or more. (and a standard for future fantasy films to live up to)

obligatory lotr cartoon

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