I’m awake! Whoosh… slept soundly and strongly. Had some amazing dreams, involving myself and my sweetheart. Snuggly, comforting ones, I seem to recall lemon trees and a fireplace too?… semi-lucid, I felt quite comfortable with the susurration of her breathing next to me, along with the kitties and the ceiling fans. Sleep time was brief, but of high quality… I took a shower upon waking, before even noting the earliness fo the hour.

I guess this is making up for the long ol’ sleeps I had yesterday… I woke up thirsty. I wonder if it’s a side effect of the tea? Too much salt in din-din?

Newt’s a good boy…I woke with him sleeping by my leg, and he’s curled up at my freshly washed feet now, playing right slipper. No tear tonight, and he went on his regular rowdy run yesterday rather late. hm.

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