Well, it looks like LJ’s servers are being shaken to death by psychic Martian ant ghosts, *again*

What the story is, I don’t know…I’m home from work, comfortably dressed, and have Newt laying next to me in semi-arc / half-loaf position. Another Monday down… got my paycheck today (as I was away from work on Friday.

Not really hungry, I might skip supper tonight. I’m feeling a little tired, but not too bad. I’m mostly over my mild ranty-ness I was at midday today,but at times, I can really be disappointed in some people. I’m no Will Rogers, but I’d like to be. I feel I still have more in common with Sam Clemens.

My mind tells me to wake up extra early, and walk early on, before it gets to the “devil’s armpit” level, like it threatened to do today…must remember sunglasses next go-round, too. Such thoughts are simply constructed at night, before rest…I know that it’s going to be tough come the dawn. Maybe I’ll be up early enough to do a double walk, but somehow, I doubt the urge will take me. Instead, odds are better that I’ll walk to the beach, sit there for a spell, and look off into the ocean for a while, see what mental sparks leap to me and take up residence in my noggin before heading home to treat Newtie.

Just occures to me that I have many blessings. Good that I can remember to count them here and again. πŸ™‚

prickly pear tickles on my back… good and bad barbs. going to give the baby his drugs, and cuddle up in bed, let a my eyes chomp on a book for a few, and then sweet dreams.

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