Neglected to mention!

I got together with Cathi, Dave and baby Mayah… I got to feed the baby! πŸ™‚ Wrapped in tie-dyed (babysafe) swaddling to keep her warm, she got passed to me after she’d polished off two boobies worth of milk, and was ready for some supplemental formula. Super-tiny, and Uber-adorable she is… a hungry little critter. We exchanged holiday gifties… I got a Newton Journal, some swell jolly ranchers, a “barrel of monkeys” toy, and a really nice batman comic. I got Dave a big softcover of the LOTR trilogy, and some blockbuster GCs… Cathi got chimes, and some software for her new palm… Mayah got a duckie and a onesie.

Now, I’m going to beddie bye. before I go… the coolest clock!


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