The World Integration, Accomplishment, Involvement, Fulfillment.

That was my draw for the course of today. Upon reflection on it, I tihnk enjoying peace of mind and using a gift and talent apply most. I got a lot accomplished and spoke briefly with Jen today regarding a future WID gig, too. Perhaps an opportunity to network out form there to other charity gigs, too. Maybe some work for St. Vincent’s Shelter… it’s remarkable to me how many places need tech-henchmen. Put in much relaxation time in too. Naps are *nice*.

Saw an airshow outside this afternoon…it’s been going on all weekend, apparently. The new laundry was positioned just right to watch it, and I did get my gear all done for free… not only that, it wasn’t crowded, either. Brand new machines and very clean. I wonder how long it’ll last?

found this unusual site… the cards another site that might be fun to meditate on

2001: a space travesty. was on earlier (and probably still on, though I’ve since moved on) Ugh… it’s *awful* not funny. I’m sorry for giving it 15 minutes of my time. I blame the French, whose earmarks are all over it.

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