I slept very well last night… Hit the sack fairly early after reading. Thick, deep, Russian sleep. The sort of snooze I think I’d get if I was put into one of those cocoons for sublight space travel.

A question posed to me today… “Notice that the Crate & Barrel store sells neither?”

http://technoerotica.net/mylog/optouts.html (If you don’t use nopop software… and why aren’t you? – this kills a large number of the pop-ads, under and over)

Also – Marvel Comic legend John Buscema dies .. I haven’t been this sad about an artist going since Curt Swan passed away… his work on Conan and Hulk comics were a frequent part of my growing up, as much as Swan’s Superman.

well, enough procrastinating… time for a shower, shave and spruce up for the meeting.

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