Bear carvingTime to check my warranty.

I think I horked my left arm last night, chasing Newt to give him his meds. I was getting up, post dose, and lifted up from the dresser.. and I twisted a bit. the area from the “elbow nook” and radiating around the elbow and down to the side of my wrist is numbly sore this morning, with a mild numbness in my lower palm. A hot shower didn’t do the trick… I’ll take it easy on it today, and see how it is tonight. I’m fascinated by boo-boos.. I can feel where the elbow has more blood working on making repairs, as the region is considerably hotter than the rest.

I had nice dreams last night… I have to get back into a more civil sleep pattern. (having fresh hardware to fool around with is rather a distraction, though.) I was working with some wood… carving it into little animal shapes as presents. I haven’t whittled in about 5 or more years, so who knows where that image came from. Something I’d like to get back into again, even though my sculpting talents are quite raw, it’s a nice thing to occupy your hands and mind with. (Same goes for the recorder… maybe on vacation I’ll hit a music store or Pearl, and get one, or whittling supplies, or both? Maybe I’ll just cheat, and carve soap, to see how I still am, instead of getting all new tools) I remember in the dream making a cat for my sweetie and some bears for assorted kids and grownups I know. Doing chainsaw bears is something that looks neat, but a little out of my scale. I like the idea of hand-sized toys better. That reminds me!

*Scotto, tonight, make the smudges*

My brother lost his crappy job, and 4 hours later got a really good one! It’s season, and tips are really good at Louie Louie’s, from what I hear. His bike got stolen already, though… How long did he have it? 2 weeks, if that? Ah well, he’ll be raking in some big bucks now, at least until season ends in April…it’s a small place, so even after season’s over, it could be a nice gig. I’m so glad he found someplace he’s happy with. Now, if only he can manage to hang onto a bike, we can go tooling around together, instead of just walking.

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