One of my first ever lj friends deleted. (The oldest one I still read). That means is the official old-timer on my list, now.

That makes me sad… she’s a fun person, and the first LJ person I ever talked to AIM-wise, way back in may 2000.(fortunately, that comment wasn’t lost in the great livejournal crash of july 2000…the posts were saved but many people’s comments were gone. I met her back when the search engines worked, and we were only allowed one icon at a time. I started building a friend’s list when there were only maybe 100 people on LJ from Florida, and only about 20 were active more than once a week. (This was before interests were implemented).

I hope she’s happy wherever she is with buzz the pup, and bosco her boy, and that family life improves for her.

So long.

[update 1/8/02 She’s back! yay!]

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