Ok, here’s the glitches update.

  1. Big Brain’s ol’ modem tries to connect, but it can’t find a dialtone.
  2. Monitor #2 simply does not want to be recognised
  3. I need to buy some rewritable or write-only cd’s to do my backing up. About 30 I think for both machines. A bulk spool of 100 will suit me well

I took a nap at midday, and ol’ Newtie tricked me up. I thought he walked along the top of the covers to lay next to me, until I felt his digger-nose under my nightshirt sticking into my armpit. He propmptly fell asleep along my side, his head in the crook of my arm and shoulder… I couldn’t find it in my heart to evict him from my sleeping togs, so I remained there for about an hour reading the book by my bedside and enjoying the company of a very snuggly kitty. (I blame the cooler weather…usually he’s not crazy about getting under the covers.) All in all, a very comfortable time. I got up when the boy decided to use his box.

also, hmmm….


It strikes me odd that they can’t outright delete a person. Ah well, at least the nasty post is gone. I really don’t understand the desperate need by some folks to be a jerk. Daddy didn’t hug him enough as a kid, and thus needs any attention at all?

Currently being entertained by – http://www.vintagecoffins.com/ .. Do it yourself jobbies, to some really fun ones. Call me morbid if you must, but I found the place pretty neat.

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