The camera I want is on back stock, so I’ll have to wait and not get it today. Today will be spent finishing Big Brain… He’s got a few issues to resolve, and hopefully it’ll be polished off with a minimum of fuss.

He’s currently wearing Windows 2000…no XP or Me(h) until they’re more stable or I need one for a program I can’t run any other way.

Hardware / Tech things to do in the future, as time and mood permits, in semi-order.

  • Install sound card on little brother’s machine. (Fairly independant from the others)
  • Make the 2nd monitor fire up properly. So far, it’s not being recognised properly. Error 10.
  • Configure DSL and dial-up internet connection
  • Set up networking between Lappie and Big Brain (or Worker1 and Queen Bee on the “Hive” as it were)
  • Backup Lappy projects to CDs via the network
  • Backup D: drive to CDs.
  • Reformat D: as NTFS instead of Win32
  • Restore data to D:
  • Make big brain dual boot Win 2k and *nix.
  • Make *dang sure* that Big Brain is running like a top (a good week or two), and then reformat Lappie and restore backups on it.

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