It’s looking like this is the camera I’ll be getting. (at the $284 price)

I want something nice to take piccies during time off and walkies, and I think this is up to the task (I hope!) Fortunately, I have rechargeable batteries already, due to the palm, so all I’ll end up getting extra is maybe a 64 meg compact flash card.

There’s a lot of photographers out here… anyone care to give me any warnings or advice before I dive into this decision? I think my research is pretty good, but who knows… perhaps I forgot something.

Camera will be my Christmas Prezzie to self, and a new Bicycle for my birthday… a nice combination, I think. I’m look forward to showing pictures of the pompano Cemetary, the strip mall of sin, the mall of the dead and Miss Cleo’s house off!

Quote of the day – Ireland is a land full of myth and wonder. And giant killer-robot factories.

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