I have a writing task that I’d like to throw out to the LJ gang.

What I would like are rumors, lies, and heresies. The sort of stuff that people tell each other in the occult underground. It’s meant to completely muddy the waters and cause wacky urban legends…. a story seed for something a little (or a lot) weird.

Each bit should be no more than three or four sentences, and as short as one. Some examples:

  • There’s an old man in Kansas who can only tell true stories, even if they haven’t happened yet.
  • Bill Gates is putting magickal formulae into the code for Windows XP. It’s tied to a specific date, like a virus, and when it activates the world is going to change.
  • The world is secretly ruled by pre-verbal children. When they start to become verbal, they forget all about their early months of abstract domination.

I’d like a bunch of these, so feel free to go nuts. So many wonderful creative people and writers on my friend’s list…I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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