You know what?

Looking back on 2001, I think it was my best year, so far to date.

Everything there went as well for me as can be reasonably hoped for. Powerful love, good health, kept comfortable and warm…I managed to move into a better apartment, find some decent side-jobs to help with the cash flow, and my back has treated me as well as I’ve treated it. Not to say some rough things didn’t happen, but I think my act really came together this go-round. I can honestly say that I owe the gross majority of my happiness to my sweetheart and Newt, both of whom I cherish beyond words, and am thankful daily for having them in my life. I’m also glad that my brother is actively in my life, and that I forgave my mom this past year. No point in carrying that sort of baggage around.

What’s 2002 going to bring? More of the same, and better, I hope. Even if it just breaks even with last year, I’ll be well on my way to “Happily ever after”.

Seriously, for me, the 90s were the pits, especially the early years. I can only pray that the 00s are as good as the 90s were bad. so far, I think they’re living up to it. So, to whom it may concern, Thanks. Keep up the great work!

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