what’s up in Scotto’s head right now?

  • Full of food.
  • Full of love
  • A little bit weary
  • A little bit warm
  • thinking of her, and smiling
  • her voice, her eyes, her soul
  • thinking of Newt, and smiling there, too.
  • slight sunkist orange soda aftertaste
  • thinking of textures… food, hair, skin, sharp edges, soft corners, lizard skin, cool and bumpy
  • a backrub would be nice
  • a monkey in a flowered vest, pushing a wheelbarrow full of pudding
  • a pyramid with an eye in it, rosicrucians fighting a war with masons and thelema-folk for no good reason
  • an abba song – waterloo
  • the loch ness monster
  • cross-pod pollination
  • soft orange tones, cycling from red to brown and back
  • bring home brother’s sound card
  • Is she feeling better? I hope so. If not now, soon.
  • Is Newt getting better? I think so.
  • When did it get dark?
  • how many fans are in here? 17, counting computers, printers and the plug in. all whir at a different frequency.
  • Shut off 15 of the fans, just leave one machine and one printer in standby
  • now I hear the flourescent lights
  • when was the last time I heard pure silence? no fans, no traffic, no breathing, no purring?
  • I prefer breathing and purring to pure silence.

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