*loooong stretch*

Hrum… hoom.

Ugh.. am I still at work?

I’ve decided to take the last week of January off. That’s a nice week of the several I have accrued, and maybe I’ll take the first week of February as well, if things are slow enough to allow it.

I think pee should be the same color as what you drank. It would be so much fun, like a game. You could be at a urinal and say “Hey, I don’t remember drinking that!”.

Pink, orange, blue, whatever color cola is, purple, everyday is a new adventure. If you drink water, it should be automatically attached to whatever you drank prior, giving it a shiny finish, like the gloss on a Skittle.

Beer and apple juice would be pretty boring, tomato juice may be a bit scary, but it would be worth it for the milk pee.

It would be a great metabolism barometer too.

I guess we can’t have everything though. Asking to have multicolor urine is just too much, and I respect boundries. But wouldn’t it be just great? Don’t get me started on poop.

Ok, if not urine, how about toenail colors?

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