I’ve been surfing the memberships of the communities I run, and saw something… “make a donation” buttons where there’s no real charity involved.

a quote from the page in question –

I’ve been thinking a lot about energy exchange, and how this journal is working in my life in terms of energy exchange. More and more, I feel as though I am pouring these pieces of myself out into the world and receiving no energy in return.

Make no mistake, money is a form of energy. So, I’ve installed this donation system to allow those of you who want to give a little back in exchange to do so. There’s no suggested amount, and no requirement to give. It’s just a way to say “thanks” if you so desire.

Is it me, or does that seem sort of screwed up? Maybe it’s just a fundamental difference in the approach to the journal idea than my own. I write in my journal for a number of reasons, as a notepad, a way to share myself in the form my views and findings with other people. I get enjoyment in the sharing aspect, and don’t view it as “emptying out my energy” at all. Knowing that people read and enjoy what I write is quite a pleasant feedback…and when folks post a reply with something to add, that kind of feedback adds a great feeling in it’s own right.

I can sorta-kinda understand the idea of a gift exchange, via a wish list or the like… I think it’s the way it was put forth that strikes me as tacky or cheap, somehow, and maybe a bit seedy. It is on a volunteer basis, like a wish list. but doesn’t it seem odd to say “I like your Journal, thanks for writing in it, here’s $1”? It stops being a sharing, and turns into something else… not sure what.
The digital version of being a street performer, passing the hat?

The funny thing is, I have no problem with a writer being paid for their work. I’ve never viewed writing in a journal as work, though. It’s more an act of release, and comfortable record keeping. I suppose it’s all in the wording, and the reward… If you don’t like writing, don’t write. Somehow “Well, I’d enjoy it if I got paid for it” strikes me as the line you draw between a prostitute and a lover of the craft.

Ah well, to close on assorted cliches; your mileage may vary. To each their own, and all that. I hope everyone gets the energy that they want and deserve.

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