Oh, good heavens. I hope this is some sort of joke. http://www.coincidencedesign.com/ is *very very* frightening. Starting a relationship on a stack of pretense.

,(heck, or anyone…) have you heard anything about this weirdness? How about the costs for gathering a dossier?

Looking over the prices, attracting my eye like a car crash… ($88,000, if I read it right), I couldn’t help but think, “Be sure to set aside another hundred grand to pay for the inevitable blackmail.” I mean, c’mon, these guys are amoral enough to do this in the first place, what’s going to stop them from blackmailing their clients later? Professionalism? Maybe…but are you willing to gamble on that? “Pay up, or we tell her how you really met.”

Ugh.. if it is real, and socially acceptable, I’m all the more glad to be a pod. If it’s fake, it’s very professionally done, and I’m not spotting the smirk.

I can almost see this as a freaky perq for high-powered executives. “Sure, we are a high-pressure competitive environment, but look around you at the spouses at the corporate Xmas party. Look good? You bet! Want in?”

Yuck. Ick. Bleh.

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