Sólo quiero estirarme en la arena.

ack! I must’ve forgotten to hit send on my early morning post… it’ll show up later… when I get home tonight.

back from taking Newto to the vet…. he has a little virus and is on antibiotics… 1 & 1/2 droppers worth, 2x a day. hearkens back to when I was feeding him as a baby, and when he got sick from Fritz a while back. went straight form the vety to work, so I can babysit him more in depth today, and give him all sorts of loving. 🙂 He’s busy sniffing the areas where the puppy was yesterday… a golden retriever at about 3 weeks old… “Dexter”… adorable little thing, even if he’s a super peeing machine. Newt’s taking great interest in Dex’s wee-wee spots. (only fair… Dex was fascinated by Newt’s litterbox here yesterday, too… we had to cover it, to keep the puppy from rooting in it… it’s clean but sand everywhere is not a desired result. )

Newton’s trip…. weight – 12.75 lbs… a good weight.. he’s not as fat as he looks, I guess.

got a fecal exam, physical, an antibiotic injection, antihistamine injection, and two bottles of amoxicillin suspension. with the biohazardous waste fee, it came to a grand total of $97.50.

not bad… Newton is now 2 years and 11 weeks old. 🙂 he’ll return for his bordatella booster in about 2 weeks.

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