remunerate & capitonym

remunerate (rih-MYOO-nuh-rate), transitive verb:
1. To pay an equivalent to for any service, loss, or expense; to recompense.
2. To compensate for; to make payment for.

Remunerate comes from Latin remunerari, “to reward,” from re-, “back, again” + munerari, “to give, to present,” from munus, “a gift.”

capitonym (KAP-i-toh-NIM) noun

A word that changes pronunciation and meaning when it is capitalized.

As in the following poems:

Job’s Job
In August, an august patriarch
Was reading an ad in Reading, Mass.
Long-suffering Job secured a job
To polish piles of polish brass.

Herb’s Herbs
An herb store owner, name of Herb,
Moved to a rainier Mount Rainier.
It would have been so nice in Nice,
And even tangier in Tangier.

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