Recounting this morning's roaming

Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.
—George Carlin

Even though times are a bit stressful, and very busy, I count my blessings and am happy for them. I’m thankful for the stuff in my life that make those times bearable. There are so many intangibles that make waking up in the morning a worthwhile time. I’m very lucky to have the sweetheart I do, the brother I do, and Newt. That’s three reasons right there to be happy, even better than the fact that I have a roof over my head, food in my belly, and work doesn’t involve doing something any less seemly than database manipulation. 🙂

Morning walkies almost always helps to put me in a good mood. Long strides and a comfortable atmosphere sets a nice start to a positive day. I have a song running through my head, but I’ll be darned what the tune is. Feels like some kind of incedental music between “Otis’s Theme” from the Superman Movie and “Back from commercial / overview” from Gilligan’s Island. If it’s still in my mind, I’ll try and write out the notation tonight. (It’s been a long time since I’ve looked at sheet music, let alone wrote any down… could be a nice distraction.) It seems unique, but flows naturally. Do I have a soundtrack?

I will welcome the weekend when it comes… payday Friday, going to do a little shopping on Saturday, get a few tidbits taken care of here and there… (hopefully get my own holiday prezzie too.. the digicam I’ve been waiting on for ages) and get started on my holiday cards in earnest. (I know, I’m a slowpoke… but they should arrive the week before Christmas, so it’s all good.) I’m also thinking of doing some sort of charity thing for the holidays, but I’m not too clear on that yet.

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