Main Entry: pum ·per ·nick ·el
Pronunciation: ‘p&m-p&r-“ni-k&l
Function: noun
Etymology: German, from pumpern to break wind + Nickel goblin; from its
Date: 1756
: a dark coarse sourdough bread made of unbolted rye flour

The true origin of “pumpernickel” – “Pumpern”
was a
New High German word similar in meaning to the English “fart” (so chosen because, like the
word “achoo,” it imitated the sound it described), and “Nickel” was a form of the name Nicholas,
an appellation commonly associated with a goblin or devil (e.g., “Old Nick” is a familiar name for
Satan). Hence, pumpernickel is the “devil’s fart,” allegedly a reference to the bread’s indigestible
qualities and hence the effect it produced on those who consumed it. (www.snopes2.com/language/stories/pumper.htm

I dunno… I like it just fine. 🙂

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