I wanted to feel rain on my face, but the closest I could get was a shower.

I took some time out earlier and just looked at the sky for a long, long while. Sometimes it’s a good idea to take a pause, and just lose yourself in the clouds above, mentally lift up, and bank around for a bit. Since the clouds didn’t want to put rain on my face, I provided myself with some from the showerhead after I came back inside… a cold, hard precipitation pushing my mind back to sharpness from the light fog that’d settled over it. after, a warm, then hot, soapy wash, followed by another bracing cold one means that I feel cleansed, purified, both outside and in.

It’s odd, the things that bring strength and clarity to me at times. Gravity isn’t tugging as hard as it was earler, and the air is simpler to take in. Now I have some champa burning and though the shades are drawn, a soft natural light is filling the room. I feel very connected to those I love right now, and to a lesser extent, the world as a whole.

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