He clept my house bedizened with lights "Tacky-o-rama, but dang purty."

bedizen bih-DY-zuhn, transitive verb:

To dress or adorn in gaudy manner.

Bedizen is the prefix be-, “completely; thoroughly; excessively” + dizen, an archaic word meaning “to deck out in fine clothes and ornaments,” from Middle Dutch disen, “to dress (a distaff) with flax ready for spinning,” from Middle Low German dise, “the bunch of flax placed on a distaff.”

clepe (kleep) verb tr., past participle cleped/clept or ycleped/yclept

To call or name.

[From Middle English clepen, from Old English cleopican, from clipian (tospeak or call).

Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. – J.M.Barrie 🙂

So a Cleptomaniac would be one who loves to call people all the time?

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