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Eighteen beans…he means, the heifer weans, as she eats her greens. These scenes revere ravines, as butterflies flutter by and snatch the flies out of the butter. Fly as a flock flies, as aerodynamic airplanes and weathervanes maneuver like cranes while dodging cranes. Brainy crania make many errata, mainly men, while what women name minnows and sinews? Flailing in feelings, reeling in relatives, baking cakes and taking breaks when brakes break–“Heaven’s sake!” Sounds, syllables, liable grounds, filled opal~fallopian fetal pliable petals and metals in Constantinople. Steeple, church, weevil’s lurch, Birch bark, feral beast, dark scourge, nutritional yeast. Feast on the means of the queens’ gowns but recall, moats drown. He who wears fake socks and joins the Fake Sox has loins and groins no one mocks, but fettered and frittered in litter covered in flies. Rock beats are seen as red beets and deadbeats and dead Beats. Sine means fine means for three quarks to equal nineteen. Christine.

Also, a favorite Longfellow Poem, The Blacksmith.

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