Bear suit update…

YogiNPR reports that, after going a few rounds with the suit, Yogi is in “stable” condition at Wonderland Zoo Hospital.

“It was horrible,” stated witness Boo-Boo: “Yogi and I were just minding our own business when we saw a picnic basket lying in the middle of the path. I thought it was another trap from the Ranger, but Yogi just dived in, and this suit came out of nowhere to beat poor Yogi up.

“I’m feeling betrayed by the government. Isn’t this federal land?”

However, the Ranger, who has been trying to get Yogi and Boo-Boo declared a “terrorist organization” for years, lit a havana cigar, smiled, and had no comment.

Cindy Lou (The girl bear they introduced to avoid any homosexual connotations between an older and younger bear in a kids cartoon) was unavailable for comment.

At Wonderland Zoo, Hair Bear was said to be “understandibly upset.” However, according to a source who spoke on terms of anonymity, Hair Bear is so “out of his head on chronic” that he still thinks The Greatful Dead is touring.

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