Sweet and sweeter… the database program for WiD has come together in record time, and seems to be very polite to the ancient laptops that they’re using. I sort of wanted to experiment with wireless, but they’re really not up to that sort of spending level yet… (but they said they’d let me know if it was to happen, I was the guy for the job!) Perhaps a few more days of debugging, (Ideally with work being as slow as it is here, maybe 2 more days) and the mission will be complete!

I just have to do fine-tuning now, lay out the reports the way they’d like, and teach folks how to use it. Very simple system, identical to the paperwork they used previously… but with drop downs to spare them repetetive typing. if they want official paperwork, all they have to do is print it.

I’m very proud of myself. 🙂 The guts of the program were all in my library already, and there were precious few bugs to iron out at all.

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