Back from Danny’s birthday party… Typical for him, he had a pokemon theme, as his 40th b-day also as usual, I enjoyed the kids much more than the adults. (excepting Dan, of course) Denise, a 11 year old Chinese girl just here 6 months, and a *total* sweetheart. She and I drew pokemon characters on a sketch pad, and she did a fine job of capturing the likeness of pikachu and charzard…. while my squirtle and bulbasaur were sorely lacking. We swapped drawings and I think I came out ahead.

Sara was the other little girl, maybe 12. not as graphically inclined, but spent most of the evening chatting and gabbing and speaking and talking…very chatty….gabby enough to hold up both sides of the conversation, but charming enough to not make you mind.

Made a lot of small talk with the grownups, but nothing worth any real mention… Most of Dan’s pals aside from myself seem to speak mandarin or cantonese, sometimes both.

I ate a copious amount of sheet cake, appetizers from the relish tray, and cheese… ack… totally bad for me, but it’s a party, right? I think I’m entitled to splurge once in a while.

After the party, Dan and I went out to the Mai-Kai (instead of dave and busters, away from the show, just the Molokai Bar off in the corner) for a couple of rum drinks and quiet conversation… we both reminisced for a bit, and gabbed about our assorted woes, neutrals and good times. We’re going to head to D&B’s later on this week, when we’re both more up for the noise and hubbub.

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