I got my first Christmas giftie from my amazon wish list today, and it completes my Robert Anton Wilson library. Thank you so much! I’m not sure if you want to remain anonymous or not,(so i’ll err on the side of privacy, if at all) but I know you read my journal… Thankee! New book to read! 🙂 Newt also thanks you for the new box, and plastic “factory air” that came with… it made medicating him quite simple this morning. He just say in the fresh box, and let me give him his pink antibiotics.

For any kiddies that dig flash animations check out http://www.hoogerbrugge.com/ … it’s got some wonderful stuff. I enjoy an artist that puts himself into his work. I’m especially fond of #51, “nervous”. in the modern living series.

Sometime today I have to go out and pick up Danny’s Prezzie. It looks like a shower and walk are forthcoming after all.

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