page 'o pents Before anything else, back on the spread for today. Page of Pentacles: Have an Effect/ prosperity, practicality, be trustworthy & trusting. So, shoot for setting goals, and head to them.

Ok, that in mind, I’m back.

I’ve realised that I’ve picked up and enjoy nibbling on a lot of orange to yellow foodies. Orange juice, Corn, Lemonade, Newton Ears (they just get kissed, but they smell good.), cheddar cheese, The package for my honey wheat bread, mustard, pseudo-chicken patties…

maybe, if I get really bored, I’ll sort my pantry by shade… somehow, I don’t think I’ll hit that low a point. Tea’s a brewin’, and I’m in full comfy regalia.

I’ve revived a holiday tradition from last year… Oranges,vanilla yogurt and walunts mixed together as a yummy-yum treat. Very comforting and tasty, condusive to a good read and write.

Got a rejection letter from The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, a form letter with a nice handwritten note. Such is life. Off the tales go to my next hope, ol’ Analog again. today’s spread is reminding me to stay focused, and hang tight to plan, work on creating some resultsin this and other things. If F&SF doesn’t dig it, I’m sure someone will and will pay me for it. Time to stop fooling around. 🙂

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