skydiverDingaling Newt just walked by with a target bag around his waist. He crawled through on of the handle-eyelets, and it seems to have stopped at his midsection…he’s now running around like a demented skydiver.

This is the best shot I could get before freeing him… he was tooling around all over the place, moving a top Newt-darting speed. He was having fun with the bag, so I removed the handles so he doesn’t trap himself during work…d’oh… I just remembered… I’m taking him into work!

Ah, well… make the boy’s toy safe should he desire to play with it later.

Time for Scotto to do walkies, before it gets too late! See you kids on the flipside.

[update 11:45 – can’t take Newt to work today… special clients, so no kitty love until I get home. 🙁 bah!]

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