Modern Ruins… some beautiful places to look at, weirdly crumbling. I remember roaming through the bones of what was to be eventually the boynton beach mall, and some of the bigger buildings in homestaed after the hurricane that remind me a lot of these.

The subject of these photographs is as much about what is absent in the images as what is present. They are as much about the people who once inhabited these spaces as it is about the wreck and ruin that is left behind. There is a tension developed in the photographs between what we see in the images and what we imagine the place was once like. The stark absence of people in the images is magnified by the peeling and decay, and the peeling and decay make the absence of people, and their possible stories, that much more poignant.

The asylum, with it’s peeling paint reminds me a lot of Gilman’s story of the Yellow Wallpaper.

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