dancey dancefun night tonight… poopie talk, and a nice time.

Holiday shopping tomorrow.. launching about 1:30ish with Dave, and heading to Sawgrass Mills and maybe a head shop to get some holiday goodies for the gang. I hope I get to see my sweetie before launching… if not, I wish her a wonderful time out and about, and will be taking her with me in spirit as I’m navigating the stores.

I hope to find a few things that just leap out at me… I’m a good shopper… I’m more than a head taller than the average mallgoer, so scouting works out well.

going to get Cathi a neat gift (which will remain unmentioned, in case she reads this… I don’t think she does, but better safe than sorry.)

I need to get some supplies to finish up Newton and Blackie’s gifts, too… got my checklist on the palm, and I’m ready to rock and roll.

Bedtime for bonzo for now…nighters. But first, a bit of poetry…

OK (ready)? Sit peacefully, all, good gab
opportunites; unionized, wind, and to chase
and Tundra Moss were used unwrapping a
stick the Wealthy In February, prostitutes
from president is said POOP This neck of
useless programming time during the regular
meetings at results viewable to the largest
waves in a hunter who offer legal titillation
Utah Satan, hence the Map Stopped,
gambol in bass (buffet, deserts dove
entrance to express their Bhogavati). They
are described as a New Jersey company
thinks they weigh up on the Kodiak bears
are described as a global clientele in frolic.
There was a chance at a global clientele in
the time. Fresh from Pumpern to do
interbreed with me bow; Games.

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