Ah, back to normal.

Well, what passes for normal in this neck of the woods.

Tomorrow. Such a blessing tomorrow will be. Friday, Payday, the opening to the weekend, and best of all, good gab opportunites.

Client gave us incredibly dumb things to do with their program, resulting in 3 hours of useless programming time. Someday we’ll get a nice go-between for programmer / client relations, but as it stands, it’ll be a while before that kicks in. Upside of Dale’s vacation, a lot of process streamlining has been implemented by lazy me, saving him probably about an hour a day in processing. Dale’s a great guy, but his lack of complaint is a double edged sword… he’s been doing some IT stuff for about a year that was comfortably automated in about 15 minutes of thought. Something like this happens every time he comes back.

calling all the offices, and redoing the reports for all the goofed up data ate a big part of my day today…I’m so glad our Island Boy will be returning on Monday.

silly joke heard today –

Two penguins are sitting in the bathtub.
One penguin turns to the other and says, “Hey, hand me that soap.”
The other penguin says, “Holy Crap! A talking penguin!”

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