tic tacsWent grocery shopping this afternoon, and picked up some goodies I haven’t had in a while, one of which was a little box o’ Tic Tacs. Probably my favorite dispenser treat short of Pez, really. Minty goodness… do they make orange ones any more? It’s been a dog’s age since I’ve had an orange Tic Tac. I’m so used to Altoids that these mints seem weirdly small and ineffective… I should be popping these things four at a time, not as solo candies. Anyhow, what brings me to post this is that I’m having a tiny nugget of minty freshness, and focusing on a particularly riveting chapter in the book I’m reading… The Tic Tac drops right out of my mouth and bounces on to my desk like I’ve just lost one of my baby teeth. I can’t figure out how this could happen. Things don’t just drop out of my mouth. All I know is as soon as I stopped thinking about the Tic Tac I lost control of it. I have heard people say that, due to its minuscule size, if you stop thinking about your Tic Tac it can get away from you… but I always thought it was an old wives’ tale.

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