Lots of work today. a great deal of effort was made to keep an even keel, and maintain balance, and fortunately, it paid off… got my stuff mostly covered… on schedule, anyhow… Dale’s duties are handily covered, despite some fastballs and unforseen stumbling blocks put in our path by the client. multiple files, nonstandard formats, horrid deadlines, all defeated.

I want to sit back tonight, and unwind.. have a long talk with my sweetheart, and just relax. ‘Tis the season for stress it seems… it’s a real shame when the winter holiday spirit gets twisted into gloom, anger and impatience. I’m going to make a point of trying to make the holidays a nicer time for everyone, and not in the chirpy way that bothers some folks. Just a little smile, a soft word, and good thoughts for folks… I think that can maybe do the most good. There are a lot of people that could do with a little kindness and softness, and it’ll make me feel like a better person, too.

It’s time for me to regroup my thoughts about Christmas prezzies, too. My list this year is a small one… I’ve got a list, and it’s been checked once over now, so I’m halfway there.

A few ideas are in place, but I’ve got a couple of holes in my shopping to work with. Saturday also has a possible longer gig with Women/Children in Distress (a spousal/child abuse center), writing some software for the remote council to add to a master database… shouldn’t take too long and it’s for a good cause. I’ll find out more details as the weekend draws near.

Finished editing my portion of the LOTR project, and sent off the revised galleys to the chief this morning, so I have a work slot open.

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